Monday, April 24, 2017

Ninja Master Prep Blender QB900B

I bought this blender as I was about to go on a diet that required a lot of smoothie making. My sister has been using Ninja for over 3 years and she highly recommended it to me. I checked online and was surprised to see that this machine was listed as a "best Buy" in Consumer Reports, so I decided to give it a try.

I have to say I was skeptical when I took it out of the box. All the pieces and the blades that looked like regular food processor made me think that this might not be all it's cracked up to be. Boy was I surprised! I make green smoothies with ice, frozen bananas and other fruit and green veggies and the Ninja whips everything up into a smooth frothy drink.  I simply pops on the blender top and pushes the button. The longer I whip it up, the more frothy it becomes and the texture reminds me of a milk shake. There is no loud crushing noises, no food stuck, just a smooth stirring motion that turns-my frozen goods into a beautiful smoothie in less than 60 seconds!

Besides the great performance, this machine is so simple to take apart, rinse off and store. No messy blender blade bottom to clean out, because everything comes apart! 

This has been our favorite kitchen appliance since we purchased it 6 months ago.  We make smoothies, slushy coffee drinks and whipping up  dressing for salads and sweets for pies. The larger size cup is the drink maker and it comes with a spout which makes pouring easy. The smaller size works as a food processor, which is AWESOME, and saves-so much prep time in the kitchen.  it chops through pecans and frozen cream cheese with ease, and it was so fast chopping up a whole block of cheese for a pasta salad!  I will be using it to make baby food in a few months and have not one doubt it can make every baby food I want it to and save me tons of time and money.

All and All, this powerful blender is sturdy, super easy to use and  clean.  It's probably the best and most useful thing I've ever used in my kitchen. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market. For more information and the best price, please click the link below to Walmart.  Thank you.

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