Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler - A Space Saver for Small Kitchens

I was hesitant to purchase this grill because I feared it might not accomplish what I desired. I wanted a "real" panini grill that would cook sandwiches like the restaurants, without the expense or space required for a commercial grill costing five or six times as much. To my surprise, the griddler does the job.

For the price, this grill cooks sandwiches wonderfully. My Family has been using this every day since it arrived: hamburgers, grilled cheese, sausages, pancakes and anything else you would normally try to cook on a cheaper oven top griddle pan. The cooking surface is large enough to accommodate pretty much anything you'd want to cook. It cooks evenly, cleans easily, and we've just been having a ball cooking with it. It gets better once you practice cooking certain items a few times and figure out the correct grill settings to use. This griddler actually heats up very quickly, and saves a lot in cooking time. A pork loin that I'd usually cook in the oven for nearly 45 minutes took only ten minutes when sliced in 3/4" rounds on the grill plates, and it was juicier too!

A HUGE PLUS is the removable plates. Being able to remove the cooking plates on this grill makes clean-up a snap. With the Foreman grills, I would always question whether or not to use it because of the time required to clean it up. Not the case with this grill.

I would highly recommend this appliance, especially for people like me who have a very small kitchen and can't give any space to appliances that do only one thing. You'll find that you reach for it very often.

For more information and the best price with free 2-day shipping, please click the link to Walmart. Thank you.

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